Qualities of a Shilpi

In the tradition of Vaastu shilpa, many ideas have been put forward regarding the training and education of the designer.  This can be brought into our present day educational system since it looks after so many areas of professionalism as well as the ethics of an individual who is concerned about the quality of his/her output as well as the preservation of his/her environment. 

The Vaastu Shastras In The Modern Context

The popular abbreviation ‘Vaastu’ has somehow come to stay in the social system, particularly in connection with business organisations.  With a 15 year background in this field let me try to clarify the subject so that the really mysterious nature of energies and their impact on phenomena on the one hand, and the pseudo mysticism of irrational relationship between cause and event on the other may be better understood.

Reinterpreting Vaastu

What is Vaastu? Is it relevant to modern living? This is an oft repeated question.  The answers are many.  When I began my journey into the rediscovery of our traditional roots about 18 years ago, the thought that used to recur in my mind was: why does something that is vibrant and alive need to be rediscovered at all? Shouldn’t it only be a process of reinterpretation?