The tradition has called the act of creation as Srishti
The act of extension is known as Vardhamana
The act of healing is known as Chikitsa


Srishti Vaastu - Creative Design

When a new building is to be constructed it is important to understand the existing natural energies.  The local climate, topography, as well as the vegetation has to be studied.  More than this it is the energy field of the space that needs to be balanced with the new design as well as the people who would be occupying the space.

To make this possible there are two levels at which the balancing has to take place.  One is at the level of the form, shape and colour.  The designer has to understand the nature of the terrain and the vegetation to be able to visually balance form and space.  The energy field can be balanced only through an inner process of meditation and mindfulness. 


Chikitsa Vaastu - Space Healing

Frequently, existing buildings develop negative energies and cause harmful effects to the occupants.  This can be addressed and healed through traditional practices and corrective measures. 

The tradition has talked about the use of Tantra, Mantra and Yantra.  This consists of processes, visual images and chanting.  It is possible to align and balance the energies for a better lifestyle for the occupants. 


Vardhamana Vaastu - Building Extension

This aspect of Vaastu is a combination of both the above samples.  When building an extension or restoring old structures it is important to align the new additions in such a way that both the visible form and the invisible energies are taken into consideration and balanced.

Vardhamana requires a very sensitive approach to the act of adding to the existing form and aligning with the existing energies.  The designer has to be conscious of him/herself as well as the energy field of the existing structure. 





Ashram in Kollur

One of the most interesting projects I have been involved in is the ashram complex in Kollur. I was approached by the ashram people in 1996 regarding this. Subsequently I was involved in its various aspects over the next decade until the completion of the main meditation centre in 2006. Though I offered all the drawings the actual construction took place based on the cash flow from various devotees. This obviously took many years and I would visit the site for a few days every few months. Recently the puja and celebration for the ashram was completed and all of us who were involved in its construction were honoured. This is a view of the ashram from the road above the valley. It is indeed a very impressive achievement with extremely sensible local solutions adopted for the construction.




Krishna Ashram in Ooty, Nilgiris

In a very beautiful location near Doddabetta in Ooty Aasha Amma has created a wonderful ashram in over 25 acres of land. I have been asked to help in designing a temple on this campus. For this purpose I have taken the help of Selvanathan Sthapati. The first set of drawings has been completed and we hope to start the construction as soon as finances have been arranged. Tentatively the start will be in 2016.




House in Muttukkadu, Chennai

A few years ago Raghu & I made this lovely house on the beach in Muttukkadu. It remains unspoilt and aesthetic till today.



House in Kothagiri, Nilgiris

In 2015, Raghu & I have moved to Kothagiri and rebuilt an existing house called Rivendell. It’s a very quiet and green valley. The old house was not in very good shape nor was it particularly well organised. Therefore we have added some new facilities and repaired the old building.



Farm in Puliyur (near Mahabalipuram)

We have a farm in Puliyur and our old house from Kottivakkam has been rebuilt here using most of the old material.